May 19, 2010

Kanon Cosplay Costumes

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Are you looking for cute and stylish cosplay costume? Or are you simply looking for Kanon cosplay costume? Here Kanon cosplay costumes in good quality and cheap prices are offered. More information is given below.

The Kanon cosplay costume includes a cape and a dress. The cape reaches the length of half arm. The cape is white with a lovely butterfly knot. You can choose the colour of the bowknot. Blue, green and pink are all available. As for the dress, the design is the same with the charater’s in Kanon. The dress is pleated and has a stand-up collar. There is a red button on each of the white cuffs which make the whole Kanon cosplay costume more adorable.

What’s more, the Kanon cosplay costumes has another advantage. For its design is quite fashionable and modern, people can wear them in normal life without feeling anything weird. Different with other over-comic costumes, our Kanon cosplay costumes are close to ordinary dress. You don’t want to miss this multi-functional costume.

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Our Kanon cosplay costume is made of superior quality. The material used to produce the cosplay costumes is durable and healthy to people. Although our quality is in a high standard, our price is very cheap and competitive. We do our best to lower the cost and make the price affordable to you. Then where else could you find to buy such amazing Kanon cosplay costumes?

For your convenience and benefit, we also offer free shipping and custom made cosplay costumes. The terms make our Kanon cosplay costumes more economical and worthy buying. We guarantee you that you will not only receive what you see in the picture but also 100% satisfaction and joy.

With perfect imitation, good quality and affordable price, our Kanon cosplay costumes must be your best choice for any cosplay shows. What are you waiting for? Just buy it via clicking the picture below.

Apr 28, 2010

kanon cosplay video from lucca comics 2008

cute kanon cosplay from ucca comics 2008!!

Kanon Cosplay photos collection

Have you check the Kanon Cosplay photos? if you are looking for some ideas about how to Cosplay Kanon ,just check them out :